| February/March 1987

7821 Dewberry Lane, Cedar Hill, MO 63016

Max, one of those good old boys who would give you about anything except his wife (and he would probably trade her for an old airplane), came by the shop and indicated he had an engine I might want. Additional comments shed light on the fact that he had retired the engine. Then his wife had used it for an out door flower pot numerous years and finally it was drug down in the woods with a tractor. Sounded just like my kind of engine.

During work the next day, I could hardly wait to check on this marvel of early technology. Questions kept going through my head as to make, horsepower, and condition.

With Max being a welder, most things are saved and we started looking for the correct pile. In a few minutes he indicated, 'It should be in this one' and we started to dig. About five minutes later, a 2 HP Jaeger started appearing. Rather rusty and a few parts missing, like the mag, mag bracket and gas tank. The rod suffered a major bend. 'Best place to tie the chain when dragging it to the junk pile,' according to Max.

After trying to figure out how to get the little jewel home I gave up on the four wheel drive and went to get a tractor, except this time I did not hook the chain on the rod.

The usual rebuilding problems were encountered and a couple of unexpected ones, but eventually the engine was back to running order. Fact is, Max must have been impressed because he offered a second engine at the same price- free.