John Deere TractorModel E? I had A Dream... 70 Years Ago

| February/March 1996

Box 86-B. Marietta, Minnesota 56257

In the 1920s the folks brought home, from town, a new washing machine. It had a wood stave tub, with four staves longer, which were its legs on it.

I remember the name of it well, it was a 'Dexter' washer, with a push-pull handle to operate the dasher. In the machine, the dasher was made of wood. It also had a sort of flywheel down on the side to help to keep up the motion on the dasher.

Being the youngest of three brothers, it was for me to operate the washing machine.

After the drudgery of working this machine by hand every week, I got the idea of driving the 1917 Ford touring car up to the house, and putting a pulley on the hind wheel and jacking it up to run the washing machine. Everything was fine till the car vibrated off the jack. Then it was goodbye Model T to across the yard to and gone.

If I could only drive the one cylinder 1 HP Associated engine from the barn to the house for the washing machine.