Japanese Pumpkin Rally Features Native Gas Engines

| February/March 1993

805 Nagatani Mansion 3-42-13 Nishiogikita Suginami-ku, Tokyo-to, 167 Japan

My Pen Pal Rihard Hamp, of San Jose, California, thought you readers would be interested in a color feature on our Pumpkin Rally here in Japan.

Many readers will remember the early days of our hobby, when gas engine collectors were few and far between, and a gas engine display was only one small part of an agricultural event. This is currently the situation in Japan, where there is a network of about thirty enthusiasts nationwide, and chances to exhibit our prized possessions are rare.

One such event is the pumpkin competition which is held near Matsuyama City on the island of Shikoku in September every year, and at which gas engines have been a feature for the past six years.

The photographs were taken at a recent gathering, and show some of the twenty or so engines on display. The winner of the 1992 National Pumpkin Contest in Japan, Shinichi Suenaga of Hokkaido, went forward to the world championships in San Francisco with his 586 pounder. Does anyone know how he fared?