| October/November 1989

Warren Helms with Tractor

9152 Hector Street, San Diego, California, 92123

Generally when you think of January threshing it's in the snow. Not so at Wellton, Arizona! This has been going on for the last 11 years in Wellton where, besides having fun, it is for a good cause. The funds raised all go to the local hospital.

A group of fellows in southwestern Arizona decided to have some fun and support the annual drive for hospital funds. The fourth weekend of January is an excellent time to visit Arizona, temperature is in the 70's in the daytime and at night it might freeze occasionally.

Under the leadership of Buster Brown, John Dice and Ace and Wendy Dobson there were over 50 old tractors, some as found, and others beautifully restored doing their thing. Several gas engines also were pumping water, grinding corn etc. There was a rack wagon full of bundles of wheat that the 50 HP Case steam tractor made short order of. The straw was baled as fast as it came out of the separator and the grain was augered into a box wagon.

Several rare gas engines were there such as a side shaft Witte, a side shaft Crossley, Hercules, May tags and a couple of Canadian built engines.

I saw them make rope, grind corn and wheat and pump water. Everyone seemed to have a good time and for the one day they had wall to wall people, estimated at 6,000. Exhibitors came from Arizona Flywheelers (Northern Arizona), Arizona E.D.G.E & T.A. (Southern Arizona), a total of 30 exhibitors from Arizona and California. A lot of machinery for so few exhibitors.