| February/March 1992

  • Steel frame corn planters
    The Janney Manufacturing Company originated the steel frame corn planters, and they were built with check rowing attachment, drilling, hand dropping, foot dropping and an automatic reel attachment. These features were great improvements for corn planting.

  • Steel frame corn planters

1408 N. Van Buren, Ottumwa, Iowa 52501

The Janney Mfg. Company was first incorporated August 1, 1889 with G. Campbell Janney, president, M. H. Janney vice president and treasurer, and R. Janney, secretary.

Their line included the Janney Common Sense Corn Husker and Fodder Shredder, the Janney Common Sense Corn Planter in twenty three different kinds, styles and varieties, and the Janney Common Sense Triple Gear Feed Mill, a line of goods especially designed and built for handling the corn crop in the greatest corn state in the Union.

The Janney Common Sense Corn Husker and Fodder Shredder, which was hand fed, had a patented safety device included to stop the machine instantly. This machine was made almost entirely of steel, malleable and gray iron.

The Janney Common Sense triple-geared grinding mill, with two horses, was warranted to grind as much corn as any mill manufactured. One bushel of dry corn could be ground in three and a half minutes.

Their manufacturing plant was located at the corner of Ash and Main Streets in Ottumwa. This plant included a foundry, machine shop, blacksmith shop, paint shop and an erecting shop. It was interesting to see the pig iron go into the foundry and the lumber into the wood working shop in the rough state and come out a finely finished product. The American Mining Tool Company was located at the same address at the corner of Ash and Main Streets.