| February/March 1990

Bore and stroke

Jaeger #308081, 3 HP, 4x6' bore and stroke.

5950 Wilson Drive, Huntington, West Virginia 25705

I thought I would send some pictures of some of my toys. I found the Jaeger concrete mixer and horse-drawn road grader less than a mile from my house. Both were covered with honeysuckle and blackberry bushes. The mixer is a No. 4L patent number from January 29, 1907 to June 12, 1923. The mixer and engine are No. 4L Model B16B. The engine is a Jaeger (Hercules) #308081, 3 HP with 4?x6' bore and stroke. I am the third owner. The mixer was rented in 1938 by the contractor that built my father's house with solid concrete basement walls. The engine was free when I purchased it, thanks to the cabinet it was housed in and all the oil and caked grease crusted on it. The engine has very good compression. The EK magneto had spark after cleaning and oiling. I asked the man I purchased it from if it had a crank. He pointed to a piece of ?' pipe driven in the flywheel bolt hole and said, 'That is it.' It scared me to look at it.

The engine needs rod and main bearings and a lot of cleaning before paint. The mixer needs a lot of sheet metal replaced, new lift cable, clutch and brake lining on the loading hopper winch. The mixing drum looked like a satellite dish after I removed the rusted out tub and paddles. I know the engine was painted royal blue with gold striping. It has the Jaeger emblem on the spark plug side of the water hopper and the Hercules emblem on the hopper overhead. I hope someone can tell me what color the mixer and wheels are supposed to be painted. I found traces of aluminum paint on the mixer but I also found some traces of concrete under the paint.

I wrote the Hercules Company in Henderson, Kentucky and got a very nice reply from Charles V. Statham giving me a I have several old engines (both gasoline and steam), walking tractors, tools and chain saws. My favorites are a steam engine my father built for me when I was one year old and an International Titan Jr. 1 HP that belonged to my grandfather.

I am a member of the West Virginia Antique Steam and Gas Engine Club and plan to haul my mixer and other toys to shows on my 1929 model 'AA' Ford 1? ton truck (see GEM August 1988, page 9).

Tell everyone that there are still toys to be found, sometimes closer to home than you think.