It's The Camera Angle!

| December/January 1997

  • 6 HP International engine

  • 6 HP International engine

Nelson 1445 E. Hupp Bloomington, Indiana 47401

It has been some time since I have written to you.

I had a problem with a 6 HP International engine. When we got it, it had been sitting outside for twenty some years. Weather and time had taken their toll. Needless to say, the piston was frozen in the sleeve. After using several brands of rust solvent and penetrating oils to no avail, I tried the burning brake fluid solution, still stuck!

A 30-ton press was available, but I was afraid it would cause too much dam-age. It was suggested that I put the sleeve back on the engine with the head on, add some water and heat the sleeve. Since the head was not ready to put on, I made a plate and gasket to fit. The plate was drilled and tapped and secured to the sleeve with pipe clamps. I then added water through the tapped hole, installed a gauge and heated the cylinder with a torch. This was left to cool overnight. The next morning rusty water had dripped on the floor. I repeated the heat and cool process. Then, with the cylinder in the press we were able to get the piston out! We saved everything.

Here is a picture of the cylinder piston and rod. But don't be alarmed, my garage is not falling over, it's my camera angle!