IT's Purple

| June/July 1988

  • Surple Fuel Engine

  • Surple Fuel Engine

1904 S. Link Springfield, Missouri 65804

Its the only color engine that L will burn 'Surple Fuel'. (Surple Fuel is a mixture of hedge balls, gum balls and a secret ingredient). It has a four barrel carburetor and a fan type supercharger

'Double flywheels are used to contain the extra power generated by Surple Fuel. The EPA ordered a percolator type catalytic converter be used on exhaust to hold down excess smog.

'The tachometer red lines at 5000 rpm. The flowers in the water hopper (courtesy of local cemetery) are watered continuously by a sprinkler.

'There are no visible battery connections or wires to igniter and it even has a self-commencer!!'

These are the words of James Haynie, Ash Grove, Missouri, describing his 1917-1920 Faultless Wi HP gas engine, which will be one of the better running engines in the S.W. Missouri Show.