''a rare bird''

| November/December 1976

  • Ironwood A Rare Bird
    Ironwood 'A Rare Bird'

  • Ironwood A Rare Bird

145 Enterprise Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103.

In regards to the 'WHAT IS IT?' photo in the September-October 1976 G.E.M. issue, I submit the following information:

'From about World War I until 1930 or so, they were built as a three year shop project in the school shops of the Roosevelt High School in Ironwood, Michigan. The student started his project by making drawings of the engine parts in the drafting class. Next, in the wood shop they built new or repaired existing mold patterns of the cast parts. Then during a course in foundry practice, all the engine castings, both iron and brass were made in the school foundry.

The machine work followed, including cutting the crankshaft from a solid plate and turning same, as well as hobbing the gears and even turning the bolts to mold the engine together. As it was completed, each part was stamped with the student's initials and graded. When everything was finally done, the parts were assembled and painted and student then kept his handiwork to use about the home or farm.

Originally built with a cast 'mixer,' a lathe modification allowed the use of a Ford 'T' carburetor. Some specifications are as follows: ?,  ?  HP 'T' carb., ignition governed, flywheels 11' diameter, 20' length, 13' height, 12' width, 120 lbs. approximate weight, tomato gas can.

Enclosed is a picture of my own restored 'Ironwood', a rare bird, as the one shown in the September-October issue, brings the total known to be in existence to four.