International Harvester Company MOGUL ENGINE

| May/June 1997

  • Ted Stein's International Moguls
    Ted Stein's International Moguls: #]B-583 at left, #JB-50 1 (with painted spokes) at right.
  • JB-501 is the engine
    JB-501 is the engine at left.

  • Ted Stein's International Moguls
  • JB-501 is the engine

3228 180th Street Fort Madison, Iowa 52627-9767

This International Harvester Mogul Engine is a side shaft portable, 15 HP, serial number JB-583 and the following is what is known of its origin.

This engine was bought by the late Harry Stein, my dad, in 1928 from Hade Ford Motor Company, Fort Madison, Iowa. It had been traded in the purchase of a new Fordson tractor and was not in running condition when Dad bought it. According to information supplied by my older brother Bernard, Dad enlisted the aid of a neighbor, Al Best, to help him move the engine home. They had to pull what we always called Prison Hill, up US Highway 61, which at that time was considered a mile long. This hill being what it was, with an. engine this size and heavy, I believe would have done one team in, if they were not a pair of good heavyweights. There was always a small clevis in the end of the engine tongue and this makes me think they used a four horse tandem hitch to 'pull the hill.'

Dad got the engine to run and got a feed mill that, at one time, was used in the Saar Mill in Fort Madison, Iowa, to grind stock feed. This feed mill was a Kelly Duplex and one of the few manufactured with a cast iron hopper. This engine also saw service on the silo blower and fodder shredder.

About 1933 the oil slinger on the crankshaft stopped up and the babbitt was melted out of the connecting rod bearing. An old thresherman neighbor, Waldo Gregg, helped Dad rebabbitt the rod bearing, so while the engine was down Dad also decided to replace the engine valves and piston rings. A glance at the serial plate reads 12 HP, so he ordered 12 HP parts. When they came, he found they were not big enough, and he had a trip back to the dealership to reorder.

At the dealership he was told International Harvester had the engine built and people thought they were too big so they would not buy them. It appears there was a decision to sell them as 12 HP engines.