| September/October 1968

215 Cleveland, Bad Axe, Michigan 48413

Over the last ten years I have turned leads on engine and tractors I have seen, over to other collectors, being primarily interested in Model T Fords. However, in the back of my mind I still knew of several engines and only an impulse of a moment was needed to set me off.

One evening last August while Mike Sorenson and I were buzzing along south of Bad Axe in his blue Dodge pickup, I began to tell about the big 7 Hp. Hercules we used on an irrigation pump.

Before we go on, let me introduce you to Mike. He is a happy go lucky young fellow who is my right arm and dependable helper in the hardware store my Dad and I own. At 16, Mike loves engines more than girls, although he has several ardent admirers.

As we hummed on, going out to repair a sick garden tractor, I expanded on the trials and tribulations we had with the worn out Hercules. I went on until he said he had never seen an engine like that with big flywheels and an open crank. I said, 'Do you want one?' He sure did. So, at the next corner we turned right and went two miles into the South Swamp where I had seen one while on a Ford parts hunt.

It was half buried in manure in an unused pen barn. I was sure $2.00 would buy it. When we saw the owner, he said he paid $7.00 for it 30 years ago and had $5.00 worth of work out of it. $2.00 bought it without asking or bargaining.