Information on Gas Engines

| September/October 1967

  • International Famous Vertical Engine
    Courtesy of George Burgin, Kirkton, Ont. Can.
    George Burgin
  • McCormick Deering 10-20
    Courtesy of Ken Kestel, Rt. 1, Manhattan, Illinois 60442
    Ken Kestel
  • Ideal  Family
    Courtesy of Houston L. Henulon, Box 5363, Sarasota, Fla. 33579
    Houston L. Henulon

  • International Famous Vertical Engine
  • McCormick Deering 10-20
  • Ideal  Family

Route 4, Morrison, Illinois 61270

I've been quite interested in the discussion on the different makes of engines in the last few issues of GEM and would like to offer some information I have on the subject that may help.

I have a 1952 Buyer's Guide and Implement Repair Directory and while it does not seem to be 100% reliable in all respects, I will pass on what information it contains.

The Rock Island and Empire engines are marked (Alamo) and also the Royal, Hoosier, Lansing and Victor. Most Rock Island and Alamo engines in this locality used the wizard magneto. Nelson Bros, carried repairs for the Jumbo, Little Jumbo, Trojan Dazzle Patch, Dan Patch, Minnesota Monarch, National and the Nelson Royal.

One place this directory does not ring true is that it states repairs are available (1952) for the Iowa and Associated engines but are not for the Busy Boy, Chore Boy, Hired Man, Hired Hand, 4 Mule Team, 7-8-12 and 18 Mule Team engines. These were also Associated Manufacturers Engines. The last of these engines were called the Iowa Oversize and had heavier crankshafts and full length cooling hoppers. At one time, they were the worlds largest builders of farm power engines. They did a huge export business under the name of Amanco.

Now, I would like to introduce another family of engines for discussion if I may. These are the Weil Bros. Banner, United, Faultless, Majestic, Sheldon and Sandow. Let me add, that United and Sandow at times handled other makes. United sold at least four different makes under their name. One was the Arcadia, still made in Nova Scotia, Canada. Another was the 1? Hp. Busy Boy and another small engine with the push rod and governor on the left hand side. Sandow sold many 2 cycle upright engines, some say built by Detroit.