In The Rough

| November/December 1986

You know the thrill of tramping through the woods or an abandoned field or out behind an old barn and suddenly spotting under weeds and dirt and covered with rust what was once a shiny, powerful, engine the pride of its owner? Here are pictures that capture that thrill.

The first picture was sent to us by Richard O. Lewis, 5565 Hidden Harbor Landing, Gainesville, Georgia 30501. He tells us that the engine is in the undergrowth and bushes along a driveway to the home of the owner, whose father used it on a corn machine and for sawing wood many years ago. The engine is intact but water was left in the hopper and so it froze up, cracking the head area. Unfortunately, the owner refused to sell, so the engine remains unrestored.

The remaining pictures were sent to us by Charles 1. Shelton of 511 N. Cochran, Hobbs, New Mexico 88241. Charles hopes that these pictures will encourage our readers to get out and look for old engines. He knows they are still out there, as I he has found at least 15 to 20 engines and tractors in the past two years.

Above two pictures  are of parts of unidentified engines. The first picture was made in Texas, the second in Oklahoma.

Below are pictures of old Bessemer engine parts found abandoned in Texas (top two pictures) and a 125 HP Superior, also in Texas (the lower four photos).