| May/June 1979

R.R 1, Quinter, Kansas 67752

Like most 'iron' collectors, I enjoy looking over other collections of engines and tractors and have seen many collections in the United States. I noticed articles sent to the Gas Engine Magazine from collectors in England and decided it would be interesting to visit Great Britain and Europe and see along with the usual tourist attractions, some of the collections there.

Toward the end of March 1978, I left Kansas City, via Chicago, for Frankfurt, Germany. Some neighbors flew with me to visit friends in Kassal. I left then at the airport and boarded the train for Stuttgart. This was a new experience since I don't speak a word of German. In Stuttgart I stayed with a relative and we visited the MercedesBenz factory and museum. They have a beautiful museum with several gas engines on display, all restored to perfection. The only name I recognize was an Otto with one flywheel, built in the 1890s. There were also the first Benz and Daimler automobiles, and several huge Mercedes engines which powered Zeppelin air ships in the 1930s. The name 'Mercedes' was given to the automobile when the company received financial backing from a man whose daughter's name was Mercedes.

From Stuttgart I traveled to see the German Museum in Munich, comparable to our Smithsonian. There I saw the first Otto, and the first successful Diesel engine, along with many other gas and steam engines.

Spending only one day in Munich I left early on Easter morning for Paris. I don't speak any French either and had quite a time finding a hotel in Paris that wasn't full.

From Paris the train took me to Calais and I boarded the boat to cross the English Channel and finally arrived in London. I enjoyed touring London very much and being able to speak the language again was great. One gentleman asked if I was from Texas as I wore a leather cowboy hat.