Mystic IHC Mogul Engine – Part 2

Restoration of a 1916 1 HP IHC Mogul continues, including muffler and oiler work – Part 2 of 3

| August/September 2012

This is the second in a three part series on Peter Rooke's restoration of a 1 HP IHC Mogul engine. You can read part 1 in Mystic IHC Mogul. 


When I purchased the Mogul, it sported a straight piece of pipe as the exhaust and had part of an old union welded to the remains of the original muffler elbow.

The length of pipe was screwed into the union and it took a lot of heat from a gas torch and the combined use of a big vise and a large pipe wrench to part them.

I then sawed the elbow from the original muffler off the union before all the weld was ground away from it to leave the sad remains of the old and badly rust-pitted elbow.

Unable to scrounge any cast iron for this muffler, I purchased two pieces of cast iron so that the muffler could be rebuilt. Fortunately a friend had an original muffler on his Mogul, so I could take measurements to make an accurate copy.

The first part I turned was the main body, and as the supplier sent a bigger piece of cast iron than ordered and paid for, this would also include a spigot for part of the pipe to the elbow. After partially turning the faces of the cast iron, I bored a 1.4-inch hole through its center. I then turned the outer diameter to 4.375 inches, leaving a short length reduced to a diameter of 1.7 inches to form part of the inlet pipe.