The What Is It Column Helps to Identify Smaller Gas Engines

The question for gas engine enthusiasts is, what is it? The What Is It Column replies to reader photos and questions to identify smaller gas engines.

| July/August 1966

The What Is It Column answers questions about photos in order to identify smaller gas engines. 

What is it? Learn how to identify smaller gas engines. This small engine I purchased had no name plate on it. The mag is line a Briggs & Statton. It has a brass carburetor and a small flywheel and the valves in the head.

Courtesy of Houston L. Herndon, President of Sarasota-Bradenton Speedway, Sarasota, Florida.

What was the smallest conventional horizontal water-cooled (hopper not radiator) gas engine manufactured and sold in the United States?

Two photos of an engine owned by me.

It has the radiator in fly wheel and has a clutch and sprocket as was used to run grain binders. Note the two rubber hoses leading into the middle of the fly wheel.