Gas Engine Magazine Readers Help Identify Photos of Gas Engines

The question for gas engine enthusiasts is, what is it? Gas Engine Magazine readers are asked to help identify photos of gas engines.

| March/April 1966


Photo courtesy of Mr. Henry Abels, Clay Center, Kansas.


A Gas Engine Magazine reader asks other magazine readers to help identify photos of gas engines. 

What is it?? I am calling on readers to help me to identify photos of gas engines. Open crank gas engine original equipment on John Beam Sprayer Co. "Magic No. 10" sprayer, last patent date Aug. 9, 1904. Spark coil ignition, flyball governor. Extra frame bolted in top of hopper. 3-3/4 foot bore, 5 foot stroke, 16 foot dia. flywheels, 32 feet long, 16 feet wide (excluding gearing). Guess about 1 1/2 to 2 hp. Original dark green paint. Owned by Al New, R. R. 2, Pendleton, Indiana.

What horsepower and year please? Here is a picture of my Aermotor which has unusual crimped galvanized water hopper. A 4 3/16 foot bore and 6 foot stroke. I would like to have someone tell me the horsepower and the year this was built. Also any other information they might have.

Enclosed is a picture of an engine that I am unable to identify. I was told it was a Waterloo Roy by the fellow I bought it from but it doesn't look like any I've ever seen. Also I have been told it was a Weld engine.

I thought it looked a lot like the Little Jumbo in the last issue of the Gas Engine Magazine. Gould you help me out?

I am missing the ignitor mechanism as you can see by the picture and the rocker arm is broken. The engine is not stuck but in pretty rough shape. P. S. The bore of the engine is 31/2 feet and the stroke is 5 feet.