Idaho Revivers of Nostalgia

| July/August 1990

  • I.R.O.N. 1989 Playdays
    I.R.O.N. 1989 Playdays.
  • Hassen Ben Konsius

  • I.R.O.N. 1989 Playdays
  • Hassen Ben Konsius

441 S. Milton Avenue Shelley, Idaho 83274

I have read with interest several fine articles sent in concerning judging of engines and tractors, and I certainly agree with the majority that the start of judging is one of the best and surest ways of messing up a fine hobby. It not only soon becomes a rich man's way of showing wealth, but the competition among fellow collectors is not the best way to continue the fine friendships that develop through our mutual interests. And surely a fine original engine is just as neat as an over-restored one.

I.R.O.N. (Idaho Revivers of Nostalgia), Branch #7 of EDGE & TA, is a small group of fun-loving Old Iron Nuts that enjoy an occasional 'playday' and really get into the fun aspect of the hobby. Following is a document prepared by member Bob Remsburg that depicts our true symptoms.


Iron Oxide Fever-Many cases reported in Idaho-Highly contagious. Symptoms: Victims of Iron Oxide Fever may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:

1. Spends spare time rummaging through salvage yards

2. Attends all antique engine tractor shows within a 600 mile radius.