Ice Plant Fairbanks Mores

| August/September 1991

Fairbanks-Morse engine

Rt.1 Shelbyville, MO 63469

As readers of Gas Engine Magazine, we have enjoyed many hours of pleasure. At times, it becomes divorce grounds when my husband reads his magazine. He starts looking for the magazine was before its time to arrive. Then, when he gets it, he will not put it down until he's looked at every single page in it! I mean, the house could burn down around him and there he'd be.

I enjoy tractor hunting, restoring antique tractors, and many hours at the shows. My father, Carl Smith, owns a shop in Emden, Missouri, and that is where many hours are spent by my husband, Everett Hudson, my brother David Smith, my uncle John Smith, and on occasion cousins Ronnie Smith and Roy Smith pop in to work on some antique machinery or tractor. Also, many people stop by to see what they're working on now. One of our neighbors and good friend, Dick Powell, stops in and helps them work on things.

Sometimes you wonder if you're still married, but it's good therapy for all gas engine and antique tractor people that have it in their blood.

It really ruins my day when I have been out and around the countryside (on my job) and I see an antique tractor sitting somewhere. I rush home to tell my husband about it and he says, 'Oh, yah, I know where that place is and exactly where it is at.' Just makes me furious!

Well anyway, I would like to tell you about an antique engine our old threshers organization was able to get a hold of and move.