I Was In Need of Another Hobby, A Foos!

| December/January 1994

Gasoline engine

P.O. Box 78, Laura, Ohio 45337

Having retired almost four years ago, I was in need of another hobby besides fishing for Wall eye at Lake Erie.

Over many years of attending the Darke County Steam Thresher's Reunion in Greenville, Ohio, I had admired all the 'old iron' on display and the many friendly people I met from all over the U.S. That's when the idea struck me to perhaps find an old gasoline engine; one to restore and make 'like new' again.

While enjoying coffee with friends at our only town restaurant one day, talk of an old engine came up. One of the friends knew where an old engine had been dumped and was half buried in an old 'graveyard' in a nearby woods. I soon acquired the engine, after some digging to remove it and struggling to get it home.

Tearing it down and restoring it was a real challenge, as every minute piece had to be soaked, sanded, ground, cleaned, buffed; also, new parts had to be made and then it had to be assembled again. Much polishing and painting were done to complete my project. Finally, I was the PROUD owner of my first restored gas engine, an LA 1 HP.

This is great, I thought, and knew the bug had bitten! Since that first discovery, I now have restored several engines which are shown at many engine shows we've attended. Up until now, I was content with my collection, but I was hearing much talk of another name in engines that guys had said were uncommon to find and difficult to obtain. This was one I was determined to search for by complete surprise, I found it sooner than I anticipated.