| December/January 1997

1206 S. Pine, Janesville, Wisconsin 53546

In the fall of 1976 while I was living in the upper Peninsula of Michigan, I drove past a house with an iron wheeled wagon in the backyard. I could see a buzz saw on the back of the wagon and what appeared to be a small shed built on the other end. Would it have an engine in it?

I knocked on the door. No answer, so I took a chance and went out into the backyard to check it out. Sure enough, it was an engine, but what kind? That it was a smallish upright with a large belt driven governor was about all I could see in the dim light of the engine shed.

I stopped back many times before finding the owner at home. He said he wouldn't sell the engine because he needed it to cut wood for winter. Knowing persistence sometimes pays, I visited with him several times, but always received the same answer: 'Someday I'm going to use it to cut wood.'

In June of 1978 we moved from Escanaba and did not return to visit until the fall of 1992 when my son-in-law and I returned for a reunion at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. After attending services and visiting with our many friends, we headed for the U. P. State Fairgrounds and the annual show of the U. P. Steam and Gas Engine Association. After visiting the many additions to the show built in my absence The Agricultural Museum, The Old Time Village complete with blacksmith shop and general store, the building housing the Steam Powered Shop and the large flea market, and more we spent time visiting old friends and making new ones in the association.

As we set out for home, I told Terry about the old engine and we both wondered whether it was still there. We drove by. It was there, but no one was home.