I Had A Vision

| August/September 1990

3618 Pampas Nursery Road New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168

This is the story of an engine hunt that could have been true. After I had returned home from an engine show one Sunday afternoon, I decided to pay a visit to our local airport to investigate a rickety old building that was almost ready to fall down. As I opened a door to this dimly lit building, I could see, among the spider webs and other debris, this beautiful little engine, looking right at me. It was all painted up and polished, and was by far the most beautiful engine a person could ever hope to see. As I stood entranced looking at it, I could see that it was a Monitor Side Shaft, about three or four horsepower.

Behind the little engine was a small lathe. In back of the lathe was a small three cylinder truck, used, I imagine, to haul the engine to different work places. I could see three spark plug wires, but questioned why I couldn't see a fourth, as a three cylinder vehicle engine would be very rare. You can imagine the exhilaration I felt by this time. On the wall was a dark picture of an old man with a cane, which reminded me of a picture my mother had when I was a little boy. By now, I could see better. Scattered around the little engine were about six or eight leather pouches about ten inches square, displaying emblems, plaques, and other priceless mementos.

As I walked outside the ruins, I hesitated. I could see a stranger dressed in black walking towards me, with a limp. He stopped and spoke, and said he was from a nearby town. He said all these things were given to him. I said they must be worth a million dollars. He said he knew it.

By now, I had begun to like the old man.

After a pause, as it was getting dark, with a faint chuckle in his voice, I could hear the old man say, 'Be patient, my lad, someday these will all be yours.'