I Couldn't Let It Stump Me!

| October/November 1998

R. R. 1, Box 201 Queen City, Missouri 63561

This is a gas engine made from an air compressor by John Shepherd of Bloomfield, Iowa, for Fred Calhoun, Queen City, Missouri. The before and after views are at right.

John says, 'I had never attempted to do this before so it took a little trial and error. Once I started, I couldn't let it stump me.

'I bolted a 14-tooth sprocket to the crankshaft using a 28 tooth sprocket above on one lobe camshaft from a Kohler two-cylinder engine. For safety I made a cover over the sprockets. I used a Model T Ford lifter, a Studebaker Champion exhaust valve. Strap iron made a rocker arm. To lower the compression, I had to put a spacer between the head and the cylinder. I used a 14-mil spark plug, a brass tube for a gas tank, and a Kohler carburetor. For better balance I bolted 2 pounds of lead on the flywheel.'