Hunting In Texas

| May/June 1991

  • 1 HP Pump Jack Engine
    At play
  • Fuller & Johnson at home
    At home.

  • 1 HP Pump Jack Engine
  • Fuller & Johnson at home

P.O. Box 1101 Blanco, Texas 78606

I had for some time enjoyed helping my father-in-law work on, restore, and show his old engines (he's been at this for thirty-some odd years). I didn't really have the time or money to have one of my own, so I really enjoyed playing with Allen's engines and tractors. On my 23rd birthday, three years ago, Allen and Carole Becker gave me a Fuller and Johnson 1? HP pump jack engine.

So now I had an engine of my very own. It would need some TLC, and I was just the person for the job. The engine went into the shop on the farm I work for. I started taking parts off, like I really knew what I was doing-knowing full well that if I didn't know where something went, I could just call Allen.

It was about three months later when I decided my wife Loree and I should have another engine to play with. So, one evening on our way back from town, we went down a couple of back roads close to our house. At the end of one of these roads, we found a very nice prospect. The place looked like it was about 1930 when all time had stopped.

We found the owner of the place and asked if we could look around for some old gas engines. He told us that he didn't have anything like that, but we could sure have a look around. We found a Model T, several pump jacks, corn shellers and grinders, lots of horse drawn equipment and rust galore, but no engines. We left and decided it would be a nice place to take Allen and Carole just to look at all the old equipment.

It was a couple of weeks before they could come over, so I worked on the Fuller and Johnson some and waited. When they got here, we beat a path to the place. Once again we found the owner and asked if he might have any old tractors. He said he did have one, but it was missing the engine and trans' mission. They had been sold for the war effort. Sounded good to me. He showed us where it was and we were off to find it.