Hudson-Mohawk chapter of the Pioneer Gas Engine Assoc. Sixth Annual Gas Up.

| January/February 1974

The Sixth Annual Gas-Up of the Hudson Mohawk Chapter of the Pioneer Gas Engine Assoc. was held June 9-10 and 16-17, 1973 at the Rolfe home in northern Schoharie County. The weather could not have been better, not only  for the show but for the week or more of preparation.

After passing the buildings, down on the show grounds one of the first engines on display was the Burgett. This engine, the symbol of the Hudson Mohawk Chapter, was manufactured around 1900 in the Schoharie county village of Middleburg only a few miles from the site of the gas-up. This engine was on display along with several others from the collection of Charles Dygert, on down the line nicknamed 'corn row' by our very capable announcer, Norman Mullings, because all of the shelters and grinders seemed to be in this area.

I would like to take this time to thank Norman and I know all of the members really appreciate the time he spends, and the wonderful job he does at the microphone. This is a great asset to any show, although Norman did not get to spend much time with his display.

Next in line, Winslow Curtis and Charles Gage, were both chewing on the same large log, Charlie with his Hercules powered drag saw and Winn with his Ottawa drag saw. On down the line, many exhibits I don't remember as I am writing this from memory, sorry but at next year's show I hope to get more of it down on paper at the time.

We come to a small sample of the collection of Stanley Voorhees, Stan has done a wonderful job of keeping these engines away from the sledge hammer and cutting torch of the salvage yards. His display is outstanding in that his engines are beautifully restored and most of them are operating something, not just pounding away at empty air like mine were. Stan has a nice 2-1/2 H P New Holland operating a New Holland grinder and an Aeromotor 8 cycle restored to beautiful condition, along with several other pieces of equipment.

In the next line, Frank Dornburgh had set up his Ireland drag saw and was running it with a Christensen engine belonging to William Van Derwerker. This was in addition to his other engines.