How Your Hobby Started Part XXV

| March/April 1973

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This chapter deals entirely with the history of the gasoline engines sold by The Fairbanks Company of New York.

Considerable research was necessary to get all of the facts together on this company and it started from the one family of Fairbanks.

I also covered the two tangents of the development of Fairbanks, Morse and The Fairbanks Company which originated from the E & T Fairbanks Company of St. Johnsburg, Vermont.

'The Fairbanks Company gives you permission to have this article published but assumes no responsibility as to the information presented on engines. To the best of our knowledge and belief the historical facts are correct.' (This paragraph signed by J. E. Bates, Field Sales Manager, Fairbanks Company, Box 1077, 2-22 Glenwood Avenue, Bing-hamton, New York 13902.)

It may require a considerable stretch of the imagination to calculate just how the invention of a plow with a cast-iron mouldboard and the platform weighing scale could have a motivation for the development and sale of gasoline engines. In the course of events of American industry such historical sequence did occur in two companies.