How Your Hobby Started Part XXII

| September/October 1972

3904-47th Avenue, S., Seattle, Washington 98118

Summer is vacation time and it is always pleasant to hear from G. E. M. readers visiting our beautiful Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Those interested in seeing engine collections in this vicinity can get information by a phone call and directions will gladly be furnished.

As always it is greatly appreciated when our readers contribute their fine literature to use on additional makes of engines in order that the details can be passed along to all of the collectors who read the Gas Engine Magazine.

Verne Kindschi sent an advance copy of the Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club year book and program to be held at Baraboo, Wisconsin. It is an excellent piece of literature, full of interesting pictures of all kinds of steam threshing and gasoline engine and a book to have in your collector's library.

Again we are indebted to Roger Kriebel, Mainland, Pennsylvania for the use of an attractive catalog of the Alamo Manufacturing Company of Hillsdale, Michigan. They make gas, gasoline and distillate engines. This catalog was printed in about 1910 or 1912. It is printed on a good grade of paper with engraving type of pictures and nicely decorated with cuts of parts of the mechanical details of their equipment.

Alamo gasoline engines were very substantially built on long heavy cast-iron bases extending from the front of the unit well back under the cylinder head which afforded a large bearing surface to distribute the weight over the foundation. This detail can be substantiated when examining the engine weight in their specifications.