How Your Hobby Started Part XXI

| July/August 1972

2 HP Model E Economy Webster mag

Don Murdoch

3904-47th Avenue, S., Seattle, Washington 98118

My 10 HP. International Gas Engine and Allis Chalmers Forage Blower. Blowing grain into grainary from combine. 1966.

It is not the intention to turn this story into a mystery novel, however it is most gratifying to play the part of a sleuth and solve the problems of origin of these antique engines and connect the present owners with the facts of who built his engine and when it was manufactured.

When closing the last chapter, information was received regarding the mystery of who built the English South well engines, as there appeared the words--'Built in U. S. A.'--on the hand hole plate of the crankcase of Anthony Harcombe's engine, of Surrey, England.

From the pictures that appeared in the March-April issue of G. E. M. of this South well engine, the enthusiastic collector, Lester L. Roos of 328 State Street, Geneseo, Illinois compared the pictures with his extensive files of Stover records and also his own 5 HP early vertical Stover engine and concluded the South well engine must have been made by Stover. He was not satisfied with the comparison of pictures, as he wanted positive proof that this engine originated at the Stover Works at Free-port, Illinois. The serial number of this 2 HP South well engine, A3941 was furnished to Lester and his records show that this engine was shipped to the South well Company in England on June 2, 1905. So Anthony Harcombe now has a complete and authentic history of this particular engine with many thanks to His Honor, Lester L. Roos, Mayor of Geneseo, Illinois.

Not only was this one engine shipped at that time, but fourteen 2 HP-all told, and the serial number of each one is on record. Then in July of the same year, there was another shipment of a number of 3 and 5 HP units. If there are collectors in England or elsewhere having South well engines, they can find out from Lester just when they left the Stover factory.