How Your Hobby Started

| May/June 1971

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From the library of Norman Mullings comes more gasoline engine specifications compiled in the catalogs and instruction books of these old manufacturing companies. Letters from numerous G.E.M. readers tells of the collections of engine literature that in many instances are valued at prices compatable to the engines themselves.

During my many years selling Fairbanks, Morse gasoline and diesel engines, I would find a need for technical information when calling on customers, and the only way to provide assistance in such cases was to carry a complete set of instruction and repair books. Many of these books were quite old at that time, as it was not unusual to find Type N's, 'Jack-of-all-Trades,' also many of the little 'Eclipse' still running that were 30 to 50 years old. In the 1930's and 40's, repair parts were stocked in many of the branch warehouses.

For the same reason then, it is very useful today to gasoline engine hobbiests who are rebuilding and operating all makes of engines to have an instruction book or catalog that can be a ready reference to locating parts and suggestions on how their particular machines were designed.

The generosity of collectors and book exchanges has been of valuable assistance to me in bringing the detailed specifications of many makes of engines to you. The various book exchange services are also a help to the engine collector in locating these old catalogs and instruction repair books for the engine he is rebuilding. Other sources of such literature are in the libraries, implement dealers and heavy hardware stores that have been in business for many years. Today it is possible in libraries to make photo copies of the literature you need.

Often it is rewarding to have the book exchange service put your name on file for the particular book you need. In that way you get first chance to obtain the book should it come in, and before the new lists are circulated.