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| March/April 1974

39O4-47th Avenue S., Seattle, Washington

A historical and technical record of development and production of the small farm type internal combustion engine.

Published in THE GAS ENGINE MAGAZINE by Stemgas Publishing Company Lancaster, Pennsylvania Gerald S. Lestz Editor and Publisher


Chapter I - 1969 Mar.-Apr. Vol. 4 - 02
Leonardo de Vincia
Giovanni Bronca
Otto Von Guericke
Christian Huygenn
Dionysios Papin
Thoman Newcomer
Thomas Newcomer
Thomas Savery
James Watt
Dr. John Robinson
Ferdinand Redlenbacher
Gustow Zeoner
Robert Mayers
Mr. Clausins

Chapter II - 1969 May-June Vol. 4 - #3
John Barber
William Barnett
George B. Brayton
Dugald Clerk
Dr. Drake
Abbe Hauteville
Eugen Langen
J. J. E. Lenoir
Phillippe Lebon
Dr. Nikolaus August Otto
Robert Street
Alessando Volta

Chapter III - 1969 July-Aug. Vol. 4 - #4
GM W. Daimler
Eugen Langen
Dr. Nikolaus August Otto
M. Beau de Rochas
J. Taggart
P. Vera

Chapter IV - 1969 Sept.-Oct. Vol. 4 - #5

Engine Design Features

Chapter V - 1969 Nov.-Dec.  Vol. 4 #6

Details of events of 1860
Dr. K. A. Otta & Eugen Langen
Gottlieb Daimler
Wilhelm Maybach
George B. Brayton
Dugald Clerk
Schumm & Schieler
American Inventors
C. W. Baldwin
John Charter
L. S. Chadwick
Chas. & Frank Duryea
A. Hayes
H. A. Knox
J. D. Maxwell
E. A. Mitchell
L. A. Nash
R. E. Olds
J. W. Pachard
J. W. Raymond
A. T. Stinson
W. E. Simpson
G. Westinghouse
C. O. White
A. Winton

Chapter VI - 1970 Jan.-Feb. Volm 5 -#1

American Inventors
John Charter
Fairbanks, Morse & Co.
Fuller & Johnson

Chapter VII - 1970 Mar.-Apr.  Vol. 5 - #2
C. W. Baldwin
J. I. Case
Foos Gas Engine Company
The Lozier Motor Company
The Intl. Harvester Company
The International Harvester
Engine Manufacturers by

Chapter VIII - 1970 May-June Vol. 5 - #3
The William Galloway Co.
Waterloo Gas Engine Co.
Cascaden, Davis Gas Engine Co.
Wateroo Gas Engine Co.
Cascaden, Davis Gas Engine Co.
Wateroo Motor Works
Associated Manufacture Co.
Dert Manufacture Co.
Padden & Dett
H. W. Caldwell & Son
Caldwell & Hollowell & Co.
Chase Gas Engine Co.
Kelle Manufacture Co.

Chapter IX - 1970 July-Aug. Volm 5 - #4
Stover Manufacturing & Engine Co.
J. Thompson & Sons
Lewis Gas Engine Co.
Globe Iron Works
Piera Vapor Engine Co.
Hamilton Gas Engine Co.
Benjamin C. & Ezra Vandusen
Witte Engine Works

Chapter X - 1970 Sept.-Oct. Vol. 5 - #5
Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Sears Improved Kenwood Gasoline Engine
Sears Howard Gasoline Engine
Sears Economy Gasoline Engine
Sears Thermoil All Kerosene

Chapter XI - 1970 Nov.-Dec. Vol. 5 - #6
Ransome E. Olds
Monitor Gas Engine Co.
Crescent Oil Engine
Novo Engine Co.

Chapter XII - 1971 Jan.-Feb. Vol. 6 - #1
Allman Gasoline Engine Co.
American Gasoline & Oil
Engine Mfg. Co.
Atlas Imperial Diesel Engine Co.
Automatic Machine Co.
The Bridgeport Mach. & Motor
Detroit Engine Co.
Fairfield Motor Co.
The Fairbanks Co.
Ellis Engine Co.
Grand Rapids Gasoline Engine &
Yacht Co.
J. W. Ruger Mfg. Co.
Gray Motor Co.
Lambert Gas & Gasoline Engine
Metz & Weiss Company
Mianus Electric Co.
Nash Meter Co.
New Belle Isle Motor Co.
New Era Gasoline Co.
Palmer Motor Co.
Root & Vandervoort Engine Co.
Struthers & Wells Co.
The Thall Motor Co.
F. M. Watkins Mfg. Co.
L. J. Wing Mfg. Co.
Western Gasoline Engine Co.
Western Gasoline Con'st. Co.
Wolverine Motor Co.
Union Diesel Engine Co.
Producer Gas Engine Co.
Fairbanks-Morse & Co.
Nash Engine Co.
Allis-Chalmers Co.
De La Verne Engine Co.
Koerting Engine Co.
Westinghouse Mfg. Co.

Chapter XIII - 1971 Mr.-Apr. Vol. 6 - #2
Fairbanks, Morse Eclipse Engines
Hartzler & Zook Engines
Lauson Frost King Engines
Springfield Engines

Chapter IVX ¦ 1971 May-June Vol. 6 - #3
Capitol Gas & Gasoline Engine
Coey Gasoline Engine Co.
Domestic Engine & Pump Co.
Hoosier Gasoline Engine Co.
Olin Gasoline Engine Co.
Shippenberg Gasoline Engine
Book Exchanges

Chapter XV - 1971 July-Aug. Vol. 6 - #4
M. W. Savage Factories -
builders of Dazzle Patch
Gasoline Engines - Dan
Patch Gasoline Engines
Priestman Gasoline Engine Co.
Sandwich Gasoline Engine Co.
Globe Gas Engine Co. Union Gas
Engine Co.

Chapter XVI - 1971 Sept.-Oct. Volm 6 - #5
Rev. Elmer L. Ritzman-Editor
Challenge Gasoline Engine Co.
New Holland Gasoline Engine Co.
New Way Gasoline Engine Co.
Ottawa Gasoline Engine Co.

Chapter XVII - 1971 Nov.-Dec. Vol. 6 - #6
Comment on Reunions
Associated Mfg. Co.
Rawliegh Mfg. Co.
Rock Island Gasoline Co.
Gilson Mfg. Co.

Chapter XVIII 1972 Jan.-Feb. Vol. 7 - #1
Gasoline Engine Light Plants
Delco-Domestic Engineering Co.
Kohler Company
Fairbanks-Morse & Co.
Western Electric Co.

Chapter XIX - 1972 Mar.-Apr. .Vol. 7 - #2
The Southwell (Made by
Stover Mfg.)
William Dent Priestman

Chapter XX - 1972 May-June Vol. 7 - #3
Angola Engine & Foundry Co.
Bessemer Company
Backus Water Motor Co.
Boss Gearless Automatic Engine
W. P. Callahan Gas &
Gasoline Engine

Chapter XXI - 1972 July-Aug. Vol. 7 - #4
Columbus Machinery Co.
Detroit Engine Works
Deyo-Macey Engine Co.
The Gray Motor Co.
The Gardner Convertable St. & Gas
Engine Co.
Southwell Engine by Lester Roos

Chapter XXII - 1972 Sept.-Oct. Vol. 7 - #5
Alamo Mfg. Co.
Chapman Engine Works
Edwards Kerosene Motor
Hafa Hors
Lindsay Bros. Co.
New Era Iron Works

Chapter XXIII - 1972 Nov.-Dec. Vol. 7 - #6
Eagle Gasoline Engine Co.
The Hamilton Gas Engine made The
Advance Engine Works
Homer Gasoline Engine Co.
The Miami
Pattin Gasoline Co.
Sieverkropp Engine Co.

Chapter XXIV - 1973 Jan.-Feb. Vol. 8 - #1
Kansas Hay Press Engine Ohio
Motor Co.
Palmer Marine & Gasoline Engine
Reliance Air-Cooled Engine Co.

Chapter XXV - 1973 Mar.-Apr. Vol. 8 - #2
The Fairbanks Company

Chapter XXVI - 1973 May-JuneVol. 8 - #3
Lausen-Lawton Company Root &
Van Dervoort Engine Co.
The Temple Pump Co. The
Wisconsin Gasoline Engine Co.

Chapter XXVII - 1973 July-Aug. Vol. 8 #4
Names of Canadian internal
combustion engines manufactured in
past years.
C. S. Judson Co. Ltd.
The Ontario Wind Engine and Pump
William Galloway Co. Ltd.
Canadian Fairbanks Morse Ltd.
The Standard Supply Co.
Canadian Engine Ltd.
Petri Manufacturing Co.
Massey Harris of Toronto
Page Wire Fence Co. Ltd.
Conner Machine Co. Ltd.
The Chapman Engine and
Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Desjardins Limilee - St. Andre De
The Gilson Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
The Goold, Shapley and Muir Co.
Petter Oil Engine Ltd.

Chapter XXVIII - 1973 Sept.-Oct. Vol. 8 - #5
The American Boy Gasoline Engine
Gade Air Cooled Engine Co.
A. W. Gray & Son Engine Co.
Mianus Sales Corporation
The United Gasoline Engine Co.

Chapter XXIX - 1973 Nov.-Dec. Vol. 8 - #6
The Aermotor Company Nash Gas
Engine Co.
The Middleton Machine Co.
Woodpecker Engine Co.
Howe Engine Co. Miami Engine Co.

Chapter XXX - 1974 Jan.-Feb. Vol. 9 - #1
Modern Air Cooled
Gasoline Engines
Briggs & Stratton


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