| July/August 1975

 3904 - 47th Ave. S., Seattle, Washington 98118 CHAPTER XXXIII

Looking back at the history of the many gasoline engines appearing in the articles of this story, little has been said about the small engine that was first marketed by Fairbanks Morse.

Possibly, one of the reasons why the engine was not mentioned was due to the fact so little information about this machine reached the present day public. There were not many of this model in service. Not until recently, and to the writer's knowledge, no existing machine has been found.

When John Charter, the inventor of some of the gasoline engines, moved to join the Fairbanks Morse engineering staff at the Beloit plant, the first engine to be shipped in 1892 was known as Fairbanks-Charter engine. They were built in ratings of 2-1/2 to 75 HP and the engine resembled the Type 'N'.

Shortly after, in 1895 there were a number of changes made on the #3 engine and the rating included the 2 HP vertical engine, and up to 75 HP. All except the small vertical engine was of the horizontal design. The newest feature was the addition of the electrical ignition on all sizes except the 2 HP. This engine still used the torch.

In 1898 the ratings were changed on the Type 'N' listing and would include the 5 HP up to 60 HP. At this time the Type 'T' was introduced and the small vertical 2 HP engine was taken off the market. The dates show that the 2 HP vertical engine was marketed for three years, which accounts for the small number of engines now available.