| January/February 1975

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Re: Massey-Harris Company Limited - Toronto, Ontario, Canada From the notes supplied by Ray Miller of 2815 Niagara Boulevard, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. L2A 5M4.

One of Canada's successful farm machinery manufacturers in the first half of the nineteenth century started building implements in 1847. Daniel Massey (1798 to 1856) of Newcastle was responsible for some of the earliest farm tools to be manufactured in Canada.

Massey's Agricultural Works, as it was first known, was comprised of a machine shop, a wood working shop and a foundry and blacksmith shop. From this small beginning, Daniel Massey began building plows, harrows and a horse driven sweep power. Later a number of other types of equipment were added to the line; such as threshing machines, windmills, washing machines and gasoline engines.

In 1891 Alanson Harris entered the company as a partner. Mr. Harris was a skilled mechanic, and a competitor, who brought much to the organization. Then, in 1953, Harry Ferguson of England, who had his own well known line of Ferguson Equipment, aligned himself with the company and the name was changed to Massey-Harris Ferguson Limited, and later changed to Massey-Ferguson, its present name, in 1957. The company headquarters has been located in Toronto since 1879.

Many improvements were added to the growing list of equipment in the development of agricultural machinery from this firm. The combined reaper and mower was a great help to the wheat farmers in the plains. Massey's mower supplied the farmer with a suitable means of haying, as did the Sharp's rakes. Many other inventions were added to the equipment making it more efficient for the farmer to harvest his crops.

Through the years, this fast growing corporation added many Canadian manufacturers to the parent company. The first American company acquired was the Johnston Harvester Company of Batavia, New York. This firm was incorporated in 1871. In 1912, looking forward to the needs of the Canadian farmer, Massey Harris purchased the successful and well established Deyo-Macey Engine plant in Binghampton, New York, in order to establish their own gasoline engine production facilities in Canada. Some Massey-Harris engines were built as early as 1914 in Binghampton, New York. The plant and equipment of the Deyo-Macey Company was moved to the Weston (Toronto), Ontario, works of Massey-Harris in 1916. Company records indicate these facts and they are also borne out by a search of the Binghampton, New York, directories which last list Deyo-Macey in 1916. The Deyo firm was first listed in 1901 under the name Davis and Deyo.