| November/December 1978

  • Old gas engines

  • Old gas engines

R. R. 2,Haubstadt, Indiana 47639

During the past five years I have picked up 88 gas engines while traveling in 13 southwestern Indiana counties. I travel for a major seed corn company and come into contact with many rural and small town people every day. I ask everyone that I meet for the first time if they know about any old engines. Once in a while one of my friends calls to tell where they've seen an engine. You can develop leads yourself. Just go into any small rural town and find out where retirees and others; loaf, visit and play cards and the like. Visit a while with these people and as they come and go, someone is always apt to come up with a lead for you. You may have to listen to many tales about engines that were once in the community before you get a lead.

Anytime that I have a crowd of farmers together for a field day or meeting, I always make it a point to let them know that I am looking. Where there is apt to be a crowd at a field day, I put an engine in my pickup truck for people to look at and watch run. This often brings out a lead.

One time I put an ad, in a two-county give-away weekly paper. As a result I bought four engines.

I carry a book with me where I can record all leads and location of engines. Sometimes it takes three or four calls over the years to finally get the job done. Sometimes you never get them and sometimes someone else slips in and gets them. There is a nice 3 HP Perkins out there, a Kewanee pump engine on a stand with a walking beam, a nice 2? HP Mogul, an IHC Famous upright 3 HP, a 4 HP Titan and many others. At least there is something to look forward to.

Now if you can't find them out there in the rough, then you can carefully read all the sale bills in hope of one showing up that you can bid on. I am a good friend of a local auctioneer. One day he called up and told me about an engine to be on a sale, but it wasn't listed on the bill. Would you believe, that was the engine my grandfather bought new in 1929 and had sold at a community sale over 30 years ago. It is only a 1? HP Hercules, but it is. now my most valuable engine.