| September/October 1976

An Augustine Rotary Engine running at a high rate of speed.

An Augustine Rotary Engine running at a high rate of speed.

The Engine is equipped with a magneto and also an electric starter. It has a simple mixer to supply the fuel. It air-cools itself while in action, and as it rotates, the bearings, shaft and oil are kept cool by the incoming gas. The gas is transferred to a vaporizing chamber where it is heated and all turned into a dry, fixed gas and is pre-compressed by the heat. As the Engine rotates the exhaust ports open first, followed immediately by the inlet ports, which get a full blast of dry gas under pressure and drives all the burnt gasses at high speed out of the exhaust and constitutes a one hundred percent scavenging.

There can be no waste of fuel as the gas pump cannot supply more of a charge than the tandem cylinder can use per revolution.

The Engine is started by turning on the switch of the magneto, pressing the button of the self-starter, and it is in motion. When stopping the Engine, turn off the switch, then all the cylinders charge themselves with fresh gas from the vaporizing chamber and are ready for the next operation. The Engine can be started with a coil and battery if desired.

Some of the Engines are built reversible by simply adding a sleeve to reverse the inlet and transfer ports.

The Engine is most simple to operate. There is no way to change any of the adjustments or the timing of the ignition, for there is only one wire and as the Engine rotates it comes into contact with each cylinder and fires 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in each revolution, which gives a perfect, constant torque and puts the engine in a class by itself.

The Engine has been examined by hundreds of expert engineers who have pronounced it the most wonderful power producer in the world, and the demand for it ha been enormous ever since the first engine was completed.