How My Ottawa Was Found

| May/June 1993

  • Ottawa engine

  • Ottawa engine

(10 years old), 6225 Middlerose Cr., Louisville, Kentucky 40272

One day when my dad was at work, he was checking a gas line out in a field and he saw what he thought was a flywheel. He went to check it out and sure enough, it was an engine!

He decided to find the man who owned this land to see if he wanted to sell the engine. Dad was so lucky the man said yes! He came home from work all excited and told me he found another engine in Breckinridge County and he said the guy was going to sell it.

That Saturday morning we drove for two hours to buy the engine. It was covered with mud and there was a snake hole in the water hopper. Dad was scared to pick it up, but he did, and luckily the snake was not there.

It was an engine with a saw on it. The guy gave us the wheels for it and the saw, too. Not all of the parts were there, and the whole engine was stuck. We brought it home and realized that it was going to take a lot of work to get it running.

Me, my dad and my grandpa collect engines. We also go to engine shows. We have nine engines all together, and we only started collecting in 1992. My mom says we spend too much money, but I hope she will let us get more engines this year.