How My Hobby Started

| July/August 1983

308 Sequoyal, Altus, Oklahoma 73521

I was out hustling model A and T car parts due to a lead given me by a collector of old farm implement iron. Jumping into my pick-up I drove 70 miles North of Altus, Oklahoma to the little town of Butleragain to be on the wrong end of a 'no-hit' ball game; I noticed some iron under a few sheets of corrigated steel roofing. About two hours later, I headed South with what I later learned was a 5 HP Hercules. It was frozen like an Alaskan glacier!

An old engine 'head' thawed it out via a 4' x 4' and a 12 pound hammer. It took up space in my garage until two men from somewhere near Lubbock, Texas, had a love affair with it and proceeded with it to their old engine farm. If they would contact me, I would appreciate it.

Next, I am into a Maytag. Having seven thumbs and three fingers, I made several consecutive mistakes and the old dog sputtered, ran for a few minutes and died. Noticing that two of my thumbs had changed to fingers, I said 'there is hope yet?' The engine now runs fine and is mounted under a model 80 washing machine of the same name. Proud? 'I guess so!'

Several months and a business trip to Boire City, Oklahoma (panhandle) produced about 300 pounds of Maytag iron at 25 a pound. My first keeper, one lunger, was a 3 HP Cushman Cub from Griggs, Oklahoma. It runs thanks to Marvin Schlinley of Apache.

After a brief interlude with an unsuccessful restoring attempt at a 68 VW Kaumen, Ohio, my understanding, beloved wife, was determined that the VW was taking up room which could be used to store more 'one lungers'. I think she is very philosophical about this sickness of mine - better old iron than other women and booze!