How Much Truck Do You Need to Come Home From a Gas Engine Auction?

| March/April 1998

Kenworth Engine

D. Dean Suhr

3525 E. Hawser Street Tucson, Arizona 85739-8898

Toe Mooney from Tucson arrived at J the two-day auction in Sturgis, South Dakota, on September 19, driving this new Kenworth wrecker which he picked up two days earlier in Tennessee. He said Sturgis was on his way home! Joe had to purchase a lowboy to haul all his treasures home.

Assisting him with the loading is Roger Suhr of Chadron, Nebraska, Kenn Carlson of Scottsdale, Arizona, and Tom Rowett of Spearfish, South Dakota. I took the photo.

The Kenworth is powered by a 500 HP Detroit and only weighs 40,000 pounds. Joe and his family own Frontier Towing in Tucson.

All participants are active members of gas engine clubs.