How I 'Unstuck' My Maytags

| April/May 1994

Model 92 Maytag

30 W. Hilton Redlands, California 92373

The model 82 and 92 Maytags shown here were both basket case piles of rust with missing parts and stuck pistons. So badly stuck, that months of total immersion in WD-40 and various other substances produced no results.

To finally break them loose, a puller was fabricated to put pressure on the fragile connecting rods and the cylinders were heated with a torch. Gradual increase in pressure and more heat finally unstuck them. Since the 82 is a rope start, (and I am lazy), a 'V' pulley was attached over the flat pulley and they were then belted together with a clutch arrangement. By first starting the 92 with the kick pedal, starting the 82 become a matter of simply clutching it in. By trial and error it was found that the pulley on the 82 has to be a larger diameter than the one on the 92 or the speed controls have to be re-adjusted. Otherwise the 82 will turn over too fast and the governor will not activate the ignition with a resultant no start.

My apologies to the purists for the wild color scheme on the model 92!