How I Got My Latest Gas Engine

| June/July 1993

  • Fairbanks-Morse 2 HP

  • Fairbanks-Morse 2 HP

Resurrection Iron P.O.Box919 Scappoose, Oregon 97056

I would like to pass on a story on how I got my latest gas engine. Maybe this will help my fellow collectors locate an engine or two that need restoring.

As a collector, my first gas engine was a throttle governed Fairbanks-Morse 2 HP. My next engine was a 1 HP Hercules, both pretty common. Since then I've acquired a number of more unusual engines that I've restored.

Last year a friend asked if I wanted another engine to fix up-naturally, I jumped at the chance. A few days later, we were digging through the remains of an old pump house less than three miles from where I live, which I have driven by lots of times. After a fashion, we uncovered a very sad looking 1 HP Hercules like the one I already had, but this one was complete. My friend said his mother had used it to run her washing machine, and a little more digging produced the washing machine as well. It 'followed me home,' along with the engine. (Anyone out there know about washing machines?) It was two or three months before I could get to work on my new engine.

What I discovered was that it was really shot! I decided not to restore it to running condition. Instead I removed the splash guard, crank and gas filler cap for my other Hercules engine. Next I removed the ignitor and mag assembly and donated it to a friend who needed it for his Hercules engine. (The look on his face was worth more than anyone could have paid me for it.) I cleaned up what was left and painted it up nice, made a spark plug adapter plate and new skids. It looked real nice when it was finished but it had some real troubles, mechanically.

As an engine collector, I also have something for each engine to operate. I needed one more device to run, so I called up another friend who is involved with one of the local museums around here. I proposed a trade: my shiny engine for something they might have two of. A week or so later I was browsing through their surplus stuff, but didn't really see anything that said 'take me home.' I was just about ready to donate the engine to them, when I spotted what appeared to be an old air compressor. On further inspection, it turned out to be an engine with 50 or 60 years of mud and rust on it, so I couldn't tell what brand it was.


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