| July/August 1987

A big 6 HP Alamo

A big 6 HP Alamo

870 S. Cody St., Lakewood, Colorado 80226

Did you ever hear one of those stories that only seems to happen to someone else? Well, this time I guess I was that someone else, because it happened to me.

It all started one Saturday when we had some engines, tractors and threshers and stuff at the Keensburg Fair. Harold, a friend of mine, was telling me that he had been tinkering with one of his engines in his driveway one day, when this guy that worked for Public Service had stopped and told him that he had seen an old engine like that at an old gold mine up in the mountains a few years ago. I guess this guy was one of those rock hounds that climbs mountains, and looks for gold and iron pyrite and stuff like that when he's not doing any thing else. Anyway he had told Harold how to get to that old mine-sort of. So Harold wanted to know if I wanted to go 4 wheeling the next day to see if we could find that old mine, and see if that engine was still up there.

I told him I couldn't, that I had too much other stuff to do-like mow the grass and clean the garage and things like that. Sunday morning about 6:30 the phone rang and it was Harold-he quickly convinced me that mowing grass and cleaning the garage wasn't as important as looking for old engines, and that he'd be by to pick me up in about 20 minutes, so that settled that. My wife wasn't quite as convinced as I was that looking for old engines was more important than mowing the grass, but we won't go into that right now.

So off we went. That old mine was supposed to be somewhere on Guanella Pass, up above timberline, so your turn on this side of the creek, go up till you get to a little pond that has rust colored water in it, turn right and follow the trail till you get to a lake with blue water in it, then you look across it up the mountin side, and you'll be able to see that old mine! Sounds easy enough, but when you get up in them hills, somehow things aren't quite like you had them visualized while you were still at home.

Anyway, after a few dead ends and back tracking and almost getting stuck, we got to that old mine- maybe-we're not quite sure it was the same one the guy told him about. But it was an old mine, and it looked as if they had been in there with bulldozers and cleaned everything up, and there was no sign of an old engine.