How I Became the Proud Owner of MY LITTLE 'M'

| November/December 1995

R.R. 2, Box 3S5, Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933

In the 1940s my granddad did small carpenter jobs, which I sometimes helped him with. When he did jobs of cement I would help him move the little 1 HP International model 'M' to the job. I had no idea at the time that someday that little 'M' would be mine.

My granddad passed away in the 1960s and the family had a tool sale. That is when I became the proud owner of the little 'M.' According to the serial numbers, the engine was built about 1920, with a trip ignitor on the side of the head. I took the little International home with me and put it out in back of the house, where it sat for the next 10-15 years.

When I built my new house out in the country, I put the little 'M' in the backyard with the magneto off of it. Ground squirrels had built a nest in it out of pignuts, hazel nuts, and all kinds of leaves. I had to unscrew the wing nut on the crankcase to get it off in order to clean the squirrels' nest out of it.

Then I moved the little engine into my shop, out of the weather, to begin restoring it. I oiled all the working parts so I could disassemble it. I removed all grease caps and pipes and plugged those holes, so sand would not get in it when it was sandblasted.

After it had been sandblasted and cleaned, I put a base primer on it. Then I had Dupont Delux 776700 paint mixed a shade lighter, as the original mix was too dark, almost black. The International Green, I felt, was also too dark.