How Do You Like These Old Apples?

| November/December 2000

Small Engines

6 Williamson Lane, Chester, New Jersey 07930-2311

Some of you readers ask to see small engines in service. Well, the Hardie Sprayer gets put to service every seven to ten days from early spring to fall.

The tank is 50 gallons capacity, made of wood, and takes three to four days to swell watertight. It's powered by Briggs & Stratton but no tag. I don't know the year, model or power, but it sure runs perfectly and it does not object to the Clinton gas tank.

Here is a question: Why would we collectors and admirers of old equipment use a new, valuable, couple-of-thousand-dollar lawn tractor to tow the spray unit, and get it covered with sticky, corrosive, dirty fruit-tree chemicals, when sitting right there is a few hundred dollars worth of perfectly running, but much less valuable CoPar Panzer?