Hot Air Engine Exhibitors To Hold National Meet

| June/July 1992

  • Antique hot air engines

  • Antique hot air engines

24110 U.S. Highway 40, Golden, Colorado 80401

I am compiling a list of hot air engine owners, which is becoming a 'network' as I help get people together who want to exchange letters, old advertising, help on parts, and even videotapes of their engines. This picture is of my 'Caloric,' my restoration project for the winter of 90-9 It was found on a Delaware, Ohio farm that was to be razed for a development. The engine is now fully restored and runs very well. It was shown all of last summer season with much fun involved.

There is a hot air engine exhibitors National Meet to be held in Clay Center, Nebraska next September 12 and 13, 1992 as part of the Old Trusty Antique and Collectors Yearly Engine and Tractor Show. Set-up day will be Friday, September 11 or upon arrival.

We expect the 'major players' (owners of unusual or rare hot air engines) to bring together around 10-12 different types of hot air engines, plus hot air fans and models, in one place. There will, of course, be duplicates of the more common hot air engines. (Are any hot air engines 'common'?)  

All engines are expected to be in running condition, and because of that, museum curators are expected to also be in attendance to document the exhibit, via photo and video. As far as I know (and I would like to be corrected) this type of assemblage has never been attempted before in the USA. At least, not of antique hot air engines.

I attended last year's show at Clay Center, and I had been told it was a rather 'small' show. I was surprised to see that there were about 200 plus tractors, and around 190 gas engines. I don't call that 'small', but it was the 'small-town' friendliness and atmosphere that I most noticed over the next couple of days. I find a lot of excitement and encouragement on the part of the members of the Old Trusty Antique & Collectors Association.