Homemade Engine from Maytag and Briggs & Stratton Parts

| April/May 1994

16 Prospect St., Salem, West Virginia 26426

This picture shows the front view of an engine I made out of Maytag 92 parts and gate valve wheels for flywheels. I mounted it on a forge blower base after some alterations and a bore plate. I made the gas tank from an olive can and it mounts under the base. I made the ignitor pickup and governor and mounted it on the left flywheel. I use a buzz coil which I made out of Model T Ford points and a Briggs and Stratton coil. I mounted the carburetor where the base used to be. I used a 3-2 battery mounted between the skid under the engine. I cool it down with a blower I made from a 12 volt vacuum cleaner. The engine starts easy and runs at 400 RPM. It is a true hit and miss engine and I am very proud of its performance.

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