Homemade Buggy

| September/October 1997

  • Hansmobile Buggy

  • Hansmobile Buggy

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I would like to share with you a photograph of a buggy I built using plans advertised by the late Vernon Silver in this magazine.

While attending the 23rd annual Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Engine Show in Maryland last summer, my son Andy and I saw a homemade vehicle that we thought resembled one built by Henry Ford in 1886.

When we got home that day we immediately sent a letter to Mr. Silver requesting a copy of his plans, and when they arrived we went to work gathering up everything we needed to build ours.

Since I am retired I worked on it full-time, and my son worked weekends. It is powered by a 5 HP lawn mower engine and we used a three speed transmission , also from a riding mower. The clutch is homemade using belt tighteners, and the differential is part of the rear axle. The top was installed in two sections. First the frame or bows were installed, and then the fabric was put on by another craftsman, both Amish, near New Holland, Pennsylvania. The top is the only thing that we didn't do ourselves and the workmanship is great!

We had a great time building it, and the grandchildren enjoy it more than we do. We have won a second place trophy and other plaques at local shows, and we are now planning our second one. The new one will have two seats and will be slightly heavier.