| September/October 2002

I'm still reeling from the EDGE & TA 2002 Southwest Regional Show, held this past July 7-9 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, Calif. I had contacted Bob Currie, one of the board of directors for Branch 13, the show's host club, about attending, and Bob had cautiously allowed his opinion that it would be an interesting show with some good equipment.

The word 'interesting' doesn't come within a mile of describing the show, as this was an absolutely fantastic event, featuring rare engines from across the West Coast in a beautiful setting amongst towering Sugar pines - I can still smell the mixing odors of engine exhaust, oil and pine tree sap. We'll be focusing on some of the engines seen at Grass Valley in future issues, but for now turn to page 18 for a look at the show and some of the engines that were on hand.

Lauson engine fans will want to turn to page 25 for Mac and Betty Sine's informative look at some Lauson engines most of us have never seen, let alone knew existed. Lauson engine fans to the core, Mac and Betty worked with Tecumseh Products Co. (who bought the Lauson line from Hart-Carter in 1956) to gain permission to reprint old Lauson catalog cuts, many of which are presented here.

The inventiveness and resourcefulness of the old iron community never ceases to amaze me, and anyone sceptical of that statement need only turn to page 22 and read Chester Leighton's write-up on the Mini McCormick tractor he recently built. It takes a unique combination of inspiration, dedication and skill to create something from whole cloth, and Chester's tractor is clear testimony to this.

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