| October/November 2002

I find it interesting to note subject threads that work their way into every issue of Gas Engine Magazine - and with no planning on anyone's part.

In this issue, for example, we have an interesting discussion in SmokStak on the ramifications of buying magneto-equipped engines with or without their magnetos and the cost of magneto repair and replacement. It's an interesting topic, and an issue every engine collector should keep in mind when buying an engine. Following this, turn the page to Hercules Engine News and you'll find Glenn Karch's discussion of two Economy engines he's recently purchased - A 1926 Model S that's been converted from magneto ignition to igniter and a 1920 Model E that was bought just to supply the proper Wico EK for the first. It ties right in with the SmokStak discussion. Now turn the page to Russell Farmer's Oil Field Engine News, where Russell tells us about a 3- HP Hercules Model S that, in addition to not having its original magneto, is running a hot tube ignition conversion. Another approach to the same problem?

It's an interesting thread, because it highlights the fact that old iron collectors around the country constantly - and routinely - deal with similar issues. Whether you're in Los Angeles, Calif., or Bangor, Maine, the problems - and answers - are often the same.

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