Hit-and -Miss

| June/July 2002

Long-time readers are familiar with Glenn Karch's monthly writings on the various offerings from the famed Hercules Gas Engine Co. of Evansville, Ind. Every month Glenn gives readers restoration tips, parts interchange options, specific model information, production output information and design change information for the various engines produced by Hercules. This issue marks Glenn's 10th year of writing about Hercules-built engines for Gas Engine Magazine, and I'll bet when he wrote that first column he never knew how long he'd stay at it.

In Glenn's first column in the June 1992 issue of GEM, his opening paragraph said: 'When you consider the models, fuel types, sizes, brands, options and miscellaneous changes thrown in, the picture becomes complex ... In this article and those to come, it is hoped that an interesting story will unfold.' I'd say the word 'complex' has proven to be a bit of an understatement, and there's no question that an interesting story has been steadily unfolding. Better yet, it's still being told. So congratulations to Glenn, whose dogged determination to ferret out every nuance of the Hercules Gas Engine Co. has been a windfall to the rest of us in the old iron community.

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