| July/August 2003

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Try as I might, it seems impossible not to make the occasional error. Fortunately for me, my errors are rarely small. This is not a bad thing, actually, because it means they're brought to my attention in short order. Take, for instance, Mark Richey's Standard cream separator engine, which I identified as a Stewart Little Wonder in the May 2003 issue (query 38/5/7, page 6). Compounding the misidentification, in the same issue Marty Lukonen's Standard was also pegged as a Stewart.

Lucky for me there are people out there who know better and who won't let an error of this magnitude slip by. Reader Roy Hotz was the first to politely question my identification, followed by dozens of other collectors wanting to know how it could be a Stewart when it was clearly a Standard. And it was, clearly, a Standard. At some time in the past I came to the erroneous impression (based on their similar appearance) that Stewart Little Wonder and Standard cream separator were two names for the same engine made by Chicago Flexible Shaft. Working on that fiction, I combined references from readers into one file, marked simply, 'Stewart.' Okay, so I'm only human, but thanks to alert and knowledgable readers we can set the record straight.