| April/May 2002

I'm very excited about this issue, particularly Doug Nash's fine history of Crown Motor Works and Crown engines. The old iron hobby is full of surprises, and Crown Motor Works is certainly one of them. It is amazing how much information continues to come to light on engines and manufacturers of the past century, and it's especially amazing to learn of a 'new' company, even if it was a small one. In a fitting postscript to Doug's story, Doug contacted me just before we went to print to let me know he got the 1 HP Crown running - for the first time in over 53 years.

As the show season hits full stride, I'm sure there will be even more surprises for all of us. Fantastic old iron continues to literally come out of the woodwork, and I can't wait to see what kinds of discoveries we'll make this year.

Concerning comments about the classified ads section and the absence of the old area code finder: Area codes are being added and changed so fast the finder was hard to keep current. Please note that every ad lacking an address, but with a phone number, shows the state of the ad in a postal code abbreviation in parenthesis, e.g., (IA) for Iowa.

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